Fairbanks Distilling Company is an Artisan distillery that creates delicious high latitude spirits.  We are located in the historic Old City Hall building in downtown Fairbanks.  Our building was built in 1935 as a combination City Hall, Police Station, and Fire House.  Experience some local history and stop in at 410 Cushman Street and have a taste of our 68 Below potato vodka (gluten free) and try it in your favorite drink in our (soon to be finished—STAY TUNED!) Tasting Room.  We are in walking distance from many of the downtown hotels, such as the Westmark, but ask the desk at the Fairbanks Princess Hotel and they’ll steer you right to us!  So come on in and find out why our town is known as the Golden Heart City.

Opening:  Sat., Nov. 18th 4:00—8:00 PM


Fairbanks Distilling Company

P.O. Box 80059

Fairbanks, Alaska 99708


Visit Us At:                410 Cushman Street

                                  Fairbanks, Alaska


Call Us At: (907) 452-5055


Email: FairbanksDistillingCo@gmail.com


To contact us:

Fairbanks Distilling Company

Makers of Handcrafted, Small Batch, Spirits Created in the Alaskan Far North

Fairbanks Distilling Company supports the responsible consumption of all alcohol products and MADD.  If you plan on drinking to excess, be sure that you always drink our products and have  a designated wing-man and safe ride home.

Bottling run at the distillery. The perfect gift for that special occasion.