Fairbanks Distilling Company

Creating fine high latitude spirits from Alaskan ingredients in the Golden Heart City.

Our logo represents the Alaska State flag’s 8 gold stars (of the Big Dipper) in a field of blue… with a gold heart in the center to represent the “Golden Heart” city of Fairbanks.

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Fairbanks Distilling Company downtown distillery

Through an overwhelming vote of support from the community in 2013 and 2014, Fairbanks Distilling Company was not only able to acquire an incredible historic building from the City of Fairbanks that is located at 410 Cushman Street, but through City Resolution 4633, Borough Ordinance OC2014-003, and votes of the City Council, Borough Planning Commission, and Borough Assembly we were also able to change the Fairbanks zoning regulations to allow craft distilling in the downtown commercial business district.  Through the hard work of many, Fairbanks Distilling Company was finally able to purchase and start moving into the “Old City Hall” building in downtown Fairbanks in late July of 2014.  The building was in quite a state of disrepair and many months have been spent getting the building into shape. 

The Company is the dream of longtime Alaskan and Fairbanksan Patrick Levy who realized some time ago that he would never be able to establish a vineyard and produce World class wines in Fairbanks, Alaska where wintertime temperatures have been known to bottom out in excess of 60 degrees below zero.  It was after that painful realization that Mr. Levy would never be able to produce a Bordeaux style blended red, that he turned his attention to the craft of producing a delicious Artisan high latitude spirit in the far North. 

So while grape vines cannot winter over at such high latitudes with radical temperature extremes, our land supports other crops that thrive in the summer Midnight Sun and that have been traditionally used to produce vodka, gin, and whiskey.  It is in the historic Gold Rush city of Fairbanks, Alaska, the Golden Heart City, that Fairbanks Distilling Company handcrafts Artisan distilled spirits.  It is our hope that our handcrafted products and historic facility that was once the seat of government for Territorial Alaska will be enjoyed by the community and visitors.

Mr. Levy, Fairbanks Distilling Company owner, who had been impressed with his tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee almost 40 years ago believes that distilling education is essential to the production of pure high quality spirits.  He has received training at Koval Distillery in Chicago and by the German still makers Christian Carl at Cornell University in New York state and Kothe Destillation Technik and has attended spirits courses as far afield as Wynand Fockink Distillery in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  It is through the use of proven state-of-the-art distilling technologies that Fairbanks Distilling Company will be creating Artisan, handcrafted, small batch, ultra pure vodka, gin, and whiskey.