Fairbanks Distilling Company

 Fine Spirits from the Last Frontier and the Golden Heart City

Fairbanks Distilling Company

Fairbanks Distilling Company was established in 2012 by owner and distiller, Patrick Levy, who purchased the Old City Hall building in downtown Fairbanks in 2014. We are a small family operated company. Our historic building is on the National Register of Historic Places and was originally built in 1935 as a combination City Hall, Police Station, and Fire Department. It was the third concrete building in Fairbanks made after two devastating fires had almost destroyed the city. Step inside of local Fairbanks history and walk the halls of the center of Interior Alaska government during WWII and the Cold War.

We use Yukon Gold potatoes and the purest Fox Spring Alaskan water with no additives to produce our ultra-smooth 68 Below vodka. E.T. Barnette’s Tanana River Naval Strength Golden Rum is made with cane, molasses, brown sugar, and local Fairbanks birch syrup that gives this delicious spirit complex flavors of cinnamon and dark chocolate and a nose of light molasses and a soft breeze blowing through sugar cane. All of our spirits are made at our production facility in the Old City Hall building using traditional methods.
Fairbanks Distilling Vodka and Rum

Taste Pure Alaskan Spririts

Stop by and try a free taste of our Alaskan potato vodka and rum and experience truly fine sipping spirits and taste of Alaska. Sample our small batch craft spirits in your favorite mixed drinks. Fairbanks Distilling Company’s comfortable and unique tasting room in the Historic Fairbanks Business District is within easy walking distance from downtown Fairbanks Hotels and shops. Whether local or visitor, military or miner, tourist or old timer, stop on in and say hi while in the Golden Heart city! Contact us about booking our tasting room for your special events or group tours.

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Fairbanks Distilling Company

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