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We are pleased to announce another competition award for our 68 Below super smooth Yukon Gold potato vodka.  The John Barleycorn Awards “honors the innovative distillers, writers, marketers, designers” who cultivate the fertile traditions of the spirits industry.  The John Barleycorn Society is an assemblage of the world’s top journalists and industry professionals who foster a modern approach to recognizing excellence in the spirits industry from seed to glass.  The John Barleycorn Society was started by a group of spirits journalists seeking to honor excellence in all facets of the industry.  The journalists spent several years creating a comprehensive competition that became the John Barleycorn Awards.  An elite team of authoritative and influential spirits journalists was selected to administer the flagship component of the Awards, a double-blind tasting competition destined to become the preeminent arbitrator of spirits taste, quality, and character.  In this competition, Fairbanks Distilling Company’s 68 Below potato vodka was rated a Silver Winner.  From the competition tasting notes: “Great balance, great structure, flavorful nutty finish.” and “Very Smooth.” and “Rye aromas waft from the glass.” and finally “Clean distillate that would shine in a fruity cocktail.”  It is such an honor to represent Alaska and our small town of Fairbanks in these international competitions and to consistently medal, when so many other distilleries around the world, literally hundreds of them, do not even place.  Fairbanks Distilling Company is out there proving to the world that Alaska really can produce great tasting, award winning, world class spirits.  These awards prove that.  If you do not have this spirit in your liquor store, bar, or restaurant you need to contact us to see if a delivery can be arranged.  68 Below potato vodka is a delicious taste of Interior Alaska!