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Fairbanks founding father, E.T. Barnette, is in this photo from the UAF Digital Archives (UAF-1968-69-1547).  Do you know which one he is?
Fairbanks Distilling Company is hosting a free event for the Tanana Yukon Historical Society on Wednesday night, Jan. 16.  Dr. Terrence Cole will be discussing E.T. Barnette, our town’s founding father.  Dr. Cole will be starting promptly at 7 pm, so arrive early to secure your seat and beverage.  What better place to learn about E.T. Barnette then in historic Old City Hall at 410 Cushman Street (on the corner of 5th Avenue & Cushman St. in Downtown Fairbanks).
Barnette is credited with starting Fairbanks. Not exactly what he had in mind to begin with in 1901.  But through combinations of luck, sharp business dealings, help from the family, and the Federal judiciary, Barnette saw the new community grow beyond all expectation.  His tenure was brief but memorable.
Dr. Terrence Cole is a noted teacher, researcher of Alaska’s history, author, and lecturer.  Come to hear his take on our town’s founder in a venue Barnette would have enjoyed.