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Fairbanks Distilling Company owner, Patrick Levy, presents the Fairbanks Police Dept. with locally produced hand sanitizer April, 2020.

During this Covid-19 pandemic the distillery has been busy with not only modernizing and improving operations, but with developing a line of locally produced hand sanitizer products.  Unlike some other distilleries and breweries, we registered with the FDA to produce a legal hand sanitizer that used a required World Health Organization recipe that did NOT use distillation by-products like heads (that include high concentrations of toxic methanol).  During the early crazy days of the pandemic we were able to locate a 55 gallon drum of glycerol (an ingredient in the WHO hand sanitizer recipe) down in Texas and get it shipped up to Fairbanks quickly.  This allowed us, by cheaply producing our own ethanol, to move into production and start supplying medical facilities and first responders in Interior Alaska.  If everyone remembers, like toilet paper, all hand sanitizers flew off the store shelves up here and our state realized that we had no production capacity for this necessary product.  With past experience as a first responder in the US Coast Guard, Fairbanks Distilling Company went into action to fill this need and scoured the country for bottles.  To decrease product cost, the distillery prints its own labels for the Golden Heart City hand sanitizer and it is truly “Fighting For You” to knock back Covid-19.  Fairbanks Distilling Company will continue to produce hand sanitizer while the need exists and we can supply government agencies, businesses, and the public with any quantities that they might need.  Please support local businesses.