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Well, here’s a couple of ways that the front (along Cushman St.) of Old City Hall has looked.  The left photo is the original look that the Architect, Henry Bittman designed into it with the old fire dept. doors, while the photo on the right shows the walled up front modification that the city made after the fire dept. moved out of the building.  Fairbanks Distilling Company will add yet a different look to the front of the Old City Hall building along Cushman St.  Of course, you will be the ultimate judge to what looks the best.  Please stop by at 410 Cushman St. (downtown) between noon & 8pm this Saturday, Sept. 25th, for our casual reopening.  Must be vaccinated for entry into the tasting room during these days of the Delta variant.  Our inside space employs HEPA filters with UV lights to help you feel safe.